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About Us

Richard and Henrihet Aucamp started to breed Arabian Horses 6 years ago. “We became enchanted with the beauty and kindness of the Arabian Horse.!!

These brave and spirited creatures demonstrated the capacity to love and bond with us who care so deeply about them. We learned many valuable life lessons from the Arabian Horse about patience, perseverance, humility and integrity.”

Our pace on the Farm is slow. We want our horses to have space to graze, run and grow up with fresh air and a calm holistic environment. We enjoy a lifestyle that owning a horse can provide! What an hounor to raise our wonderful children here! Truly a lifestyle!

“What an honour to breed Arabian Horses and Game on the beautiful farm Natalshoop, situated near Lydenburg, Mpumalanga. The land that we have been graciously allowed to “borrow” for our time on this planet. We strive to lovingly care for both while we rejoice and recognize our blessings. “ – Henrihet Aucamp.

This year we introduced EA El Gheet (ZT Fantom x Ludjruby), imported from Italy, to our breeding programme. His pedigree includes: ZT Shakfantasy out of El Shaklan, Ludjin El Jamaal out of Ali Jamaal, ZT Bint Ruby out of Ansata El Mabrou. The late Count Zichy Thysen (ZT prefix) produced outstanding Arabian Horses with beauty, type and function. Combined with our extraordinary mares, the results were outstanding. We could not be more happy about the progeny of EA El Gheet!

Every day we realize: breeding takes time, it is a work in progress!

Soli Deo Glori!

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The Farm

The farm Natalshoop, 1600m above sea level, contains some of the most magnificent scenery in all of Africa. High up in the slopes of the mountain is a natural breeding spot for the African vulture. The call of the white crest eagle is heard often while the reedbuck and klipspringers are seen regularly. Night cameras spotted leopard, brown hyena and servals.

Wild flowers, including some rare alpine species, a close relative of South African national flower, the protea, flourish in the veld on the mountain sides and along the edges of the streams. The streams originate in springs high up in the mountain. The water is clear and fast flowing, where rainbow trout naturally breeds in the Spekboom River.

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